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When Serena Skye applies to work with abused and troubled horses in the round pen at an isolated Nevada guest ranch, she instantly notices that her prospective boss, Julian Rose, is drop-dead gorgeous. After he hires her, Serena begins to work her magic with the horses – all while secretly pining for Julian. But Serena has no idea that underneath the brilliance of equines runs a dangerous ground that will soon propel her on an unexpected journey through the darkness of insanity.

After just two days, Serena has already impressed Julian with her wrangling skills, saved his life, and shared a passionate kiss with him. As they cautiously begin a romantic relationship, Julian discloses that he has not seen his schizophrenic wife, Miranda, in eight years, after she was committed to a mental institution after murdering two horses and nearly killing him. Too frightened to divorce her for fear of deadly repercussions, Julian has just learned that Miranda has been released early – and is roaming the nearby desert with a gun.

In this gripping psychological drama, a young wrangler becomes unwittingly embroiled in a perilous struggle where she must devise a way to save the animals and people she loves from the madness that threatens their paradise.


“Elizabeth Cain’s novel, Almost Paradise, is more than a love story that spans decades. It is a story of self-discovery, patience, and forgiveness with constant unexpected twists and turns that keep the suspense and drama high and the pages turning. It is filled with picturesque landscapes, details about horse training, and about the connections between people and horses. Set in the Nevada wilderness and populated with beautiful but often problem horses and memorable characters, Almost Paradise is a good summer read.

Elizabeth Cain was a secondary teacher for thirty-one years. She has won numerous poetry awards and had two poems set to music for chorus and orchestra. She lives in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley with her husband and their sixteen dogs, six cats, and four horses. This romantic, psychological thriller is her second novel. Its sequel, Dancing in the Red Snow, was released recently.”

– Connie Daugherty for Montana Senior News

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“Elizabeth Cain’s novel, Almost Paradise, is filled with romance, drama, and suspense. Her characters come to life as their normal lives become anything but that. The story takes place on a guest ranch in Nevada over the span of a few years. Cain pulls the reader into the life-changing events that transpire in the novel. Various twists throughout the book has the reader wondering what will happen next. This is a very good story and will keep you entertained from beginning to end.”

Rodger Holm

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“What a great story! I loved the combination of ranching, dressage, and Native American themes. The underlying current of mental illness made it all-encompassing. I cried through the last few chapters.”

– Marla Worden