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This non-fiction horse story was published in 1974; there are about twenty –five copies left in mint condition. The horse himself tells the sorrows and adventures of the first ten years of his life – a Morgan horse who struggled through human abuses and misunderstandings to show his heart, finally becoming a well-respected show horse in spite of his pale color. There are many layers of meaning and metaphors for human life too and is suitable for ages eight to adult. The book has been on reading lists for California secondary schools, although probably not in the recent past. I was fortunate to be one of his caretakers and riders in his long journey through a difficult world. I will always be grateful for what he taught me along the way.


This short true tale, filled with actual photographs of a well-known Morgan horse, follows the first ten years of the animal’s life, through abuse, cruel training, and disasters at horse shows until the horse meets people who love him and praise him for showing his heart, never berate him for his color which changed from pale white to golden palomino to all the shades that were not accepted at that time in the Morgan horseshow world.

 It is a story of believing in oneself and not holding hatred for bullies, naysayers, or ignorant people who try to make one what one is not. The horse is the I in the narration and his story is suitable for ages 8 to 98.